About ImageSim


To provide a state-of-the art, evidence-based online education system that promotes effective and efficient skill development in the diagnosis of medical images.


Blending clinical, academic and philanthropic values, ImageSim aims to:

  1. Emphasize course content that addresses known knowledge gaps for practicing health care professionals.
  2. Increase health care professionals’ accuracy in the interpretation of visually diagnosed tests with the goals of reducing medical error and improving health outcomes.
  3. Support global access to this education system for health care professional learners, with subsidized access to the developing world.

ImageSim simulates the presentation of medical images just like you would get them in clinical practice. It also emphasizes deliberate practice such that the learning system provides hundreds of case examples and as you practice interpreting images you get immediate feedback after each case. While acquiring mastery for these images would take years to acquire via clinical practice alone, this learning system can potentially help achieve this in just a few hours.

ImageSim has been uniquely designed for people with busy schedules – access the system 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.

Lead Development Team

 Kathy_2Kathy Boutis, MD MSc         
Pediatric Emergency Physician, Hospital for Sick Children                                                            Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto

GGTA Photo - White BkgdMartin Pusic, MD PhD
Education Scientist, Pediatric Emergency Physician
Associate Professor, Harvard University

marty2_250Martin Pecaric, PhD
Lead IT and Analytics Consultant
Contrail Consulting Services

Collaborator Content Experts

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Stimec_photoJennifer Stimec, MD
Paediatric Radiologist, Hospital for Sick Children
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Manuela Perez pictureManuela Perez, MD
Radiology Resident,
University of Toronto

kwanCharisse Kwan, MD
Paediatric Emergency Physician, London Health Sciences Center
Associate Professor, Western University

Version 2Kirstin Weerdenburg, MD
Pediatric Emergency Physician, IWK Health Centre
Associate Professor, Dalhousie University


IMG_0221EtoomYousef Etoom, MD
Paediatric Emergency Physician, Hospital for Sick Children
Paediatric Cardiologist, St. Joseph’s Hospital
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Shilpa PatelShilpa Patel, MD MPH
Paediatric Emergency Physician, Children’s National Health System
Assistant Professor, The George Washington University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Stephenson, MD MSc
Paediatric Cardiology (Electrophysiology), Hospital for Sick Children
Professor, University of Toronto


MS picMichelle Shouldice, MD MSc
Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Physician, Hospital for Sick Children
Professor, University of Toronto

ad photo 1Adrienne Davis, MD MSc
Paediatric Emergency Physician, Hospital for Sick Children
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

TS picTanya Smith, RN ACNP
Director Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program, Hospital for Sick Children
Lecturer, University of Toronto

Melissa Lorenzo, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, Hospital for Sick Children


IMG_3424Carol Geller, MD
Family Physician, Centretown Community Health Centre
Director of Academic Support and Remediation and Postgraduate Medical Education
Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa