Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Residency Training

Learning and Assessment

With ImageSim Training, medical trainees will be able to practice interpreting up to several hundred examples of image-based cases. This learning system emphasizes the learning paradigms of deliberate practice and assessment for learning. As such, after a trainee submits their diagnostic impression, the trainee receives text and visual feedback with every case and learns more effectively from every case they do. Participants will be certified as competent once they achieve the specific performance benchmarks for a course.

Feedback after each ImageSim case showing results and competency scores

*Our results to date show an average increase in accuracy of 15% after about 100 cases.

A Resident’s Learning Curve

A Resident’s Learning Curve


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Program Directors

Join the growing number of programs that are using this learning system for their residents and fellows. You can access a step-by-step guide on how to create your account, buy courses, add learner participants, and check reports. Each program director gets a customized link that provides the status of each of their trainees:

  • Courses started
  • Cases completed
  • Competency status

Access and Payment

Access to all cases is for two years and all participants are permitted access five practice cycles of all cases to achieve competency.  Trainee and group prices are displayed when you register as user for group/training purposes.